Akinobu makes architectural models for a living in Tokyo, but in his spare time he creates all matter of small objects in bottles. These pinky sized dinosaur skeletons are especially awesome. (via bb)


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The Shape of Ideas


The next time someone says women aren’t victims of harassment, show them this.


“Imagination is the highest kite that can fly.” 

Rest In Peace Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924 - August 12, 2014)

"I saw Twilight - my granddaughter made me watch it, she said it was the greatest vampire film ever. After the ‘film’ was over I wanted to smack her across her head with my shoe, but I do not want a (tell-all) book called Grannie Dearest written on me when I die. So instead I gave her a DVD of Murnau’s 1922 masterpiece Nosferatu and told her, ‘Now that’s a vampire film!’ And that goes for all of you! Watch Nosferatu instead!"

After being exposed to water, the Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla)  turns from a dried tumbleweed to a green fern over the course of several hours.


You Are Here – Maps of imaginary places and interpretations of real places 

You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination
by Katharine Harmon
Princeton Architectural Press
2003, 192 pages, 7.1 x 9.9 x 0.7 inches (paperback)
$19 Buy a copy on Amazon

The subtitle sums up this book perfectly: Personal Geographies. Herein lies multiple maps of imaginary places and very personal annotations of real places. These “personal geographies” might be a private fantasy world, as in a map of a world in a novel; the geography might be a concept that is mapped out visually; it might be a work of art which transfers an expression to a 2D place; it might be an interpretation of a place, say a country, revisioned as something or somewhere else. All these personal kinds of maps and more from various historical periods are collected in this vigorous atlas. It suggests that almost any complex idea can be “mapped” in some way to benefit understanding. – Kevin Kelly

August 5, 2014


the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Frederick Ruysch byJan van Neck (1683). detail


the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Frederick Ruysch byJan van Neck (1683). detail

The Raven read by James Earl Jones